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Update for Adele, adopted 10/15! She just turned 6 years on 10-1 and is doing great.  SHE IS THE BEST!!
Hey Circle Tail, I always like to give you updates on Adele, the German Shepherd we adopted 3 years ago. She is doing great and people still ask if she is a puppy!
We have had Wrigley (Briar was his Circle Tail name) for 2 months now. We LOVE him! He has fit right into his forever home. My husband & I had never heard of Circle Tail before we adopted Wrigley, but since then I have told everyone we meet what an amazing place it is, what a great dog he was from the minute we got him and what an awesome service Circle Tail provides.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make Wrigley part of our family!
Our amazing dog Teddy (fka Blue Collar Doodle when he was at Circle Tail) will turn 7 years old on the 4th of July. We adopted him from Circle Tail in the fall of 2010. He is the most popular dog in the neighborhood. When we take long walks he greets all the other dogs with a wagging tail, and he loves to get attention from all the kids on their way to school every morning. When he’s inside he always looks out the window to see if anyone is coming to visit. We cannot imagine our lives without him. Thank you for what you do to help dogs find forever homes!
Chilo is doing great! We are working on the potty training, and walking on the leash. I was able to finally get some photos of her.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring Chilo into our family.
Hi, Circle Tail.

Tom and I adopted Hamlet and Romeo (then Goodman and Tabano) from Circle Tail about seven years ago when we lived in Cincinnati. They've traveled with us to live in New Hampshire and now in Philadelphia. They are two very different dogs, but both so loving and lovable. We have so much fun with them, and they have fun with each other, too. We were so fortunate to have found these guys and Circle Tail!

We just wanted to say thanks for rescuing Hamlet and Romeo and keeping them safe until we found them!
Just an update on our furbaby Semra, adopted from Circle Tail at 5 months. She will be 4 in October and has been the best girl ever! She is loved by the whole family and fed the best of food and treats. She even has a sister, Daisy, adopted in May of 2013. They are 6 months apart and really enjoy playing in our large fenced yard Thank you Circle Tail for caring for Semra when she was just a puppy.
Adele, who we adopted 10/15, is doing great. She is the best!! She especially likes to go on car rides to Dunkin Donuts, only because they give her treats!!

THANK YOU!!! I am honored to still have Tigan..formally known as GORDON. My 17 year old Chuck Norris of Dogs. My mother says he is older...im in denial. We have been together since he was 4 months old. He just kept growing. He is a Shep (poss Saluki) Mix now 72 pounds. Tigan was one of your cell dogs. Until I Sprung/ adopted him & we moved to Tahoe then Northern Ca. He has had Optimal Food & clean air & supplements. He has always been super mellow & lead a rockstar life. Being invited into all kinds of Amazing places. Even the birth of my Son. He had a minor set back 1.5 years ago. Other then that he gets around well. He is one of the wisest creatures you will ever meet.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for introducing me to the love of my LIFE!!!

In June 2013 we adopted Kudry from Circle Tail. He was about 10 months old and deaf. We brought him home and he has been the best dog ever!

Thought you might want to hear that he is doing well and much loved by his family!
Hello, My family adopted Zima from Circle Tail Inc. in 2007 and she has been the perfect dog since. Around the house we call her Mary Poppins because she is practically perfect in every way. Just wanted to give you an update :)

Have a nice day and keep doing what you're doing for these dogs because you're amazing at it!
When we went to meet Teal, now our Lola-I have to admit that we were a little nervous. She seemed like a very good dog, but she was very high energy. We decided to take the leap, knowing she still had a lot of growing to do. We got her home and she is almost a different dog than the one we met there. She still loves to play and has lots of energy, but she seemed to settle down knowing that she was now home. We love her.
Andy, Jen, McKinley, Bryce, Hunter and Lola
Hi, I don't know if you remember us adopting Jaleel (Ivy now)? We got her about 3 years ago.  She's a fantastic dog and part of our family. She is 4 years old. We just love her to death. She's a fantastic girl.
Just letting you know.
Thank you

I just wanted to take the opportunity to give you an update on our adopted dog Poynter. Poynter's name was changed to "Gryffin" (Gryffindor from Harry Potter..our kids are fans!) He has adapted so wonderfully and is a great fit for our family. He gets along with great with our cat as well as any other dog or person that he encounters.He is so playful and still LOVES to play ball. He also loves to ride in the car,chase our kids in the yard, & go for walks. It's such a joy to come home and have someone greet you with a wagging tail and a cry because he is so happy to see you. We are engaging him in various activities. He has even been swimming with us. We thank you for such good care & training before the adoption process! Gryffin had all of the basic commands down before he walked in to our door. This makes it easy for the family. Thanks again for all that you do at your facility!!!

It's been too long since the Walkers have checked in.

is over 10 now ... where did the time go? His seizures are just a part of our lives and we choose not to medicate. He's getting some lumps and bumps but that's seems to happen with age. This latest picture is on his favorite trail where he can go off leash.

We have been bringing him along on our vacations now that we can find Pet Friendly Hotels a little easier these days. He's been swimming in some cool spots ... Lake Cumberland, Lake Michigan and the Atlantic Ocean at Myrtle Beach. Our next trip is to Baltimore. He loves the car and gets the entire back seat for his riding pleasure.

Hope all is well at Circle Tail!

I adopted my dog Skate from you almost 7 years ago and I just want to thank you so much for giving me one of the best dogs that I've ever had. Skate is the sweetest, easiest, most gentle dog.

She is now 11 years old and has a Grade 2 cancer. She's doing well on chemotherapy treatments and still is fairly active, although I can sense that she is slowing down. For me, Skate has been an absolute joy to have. I foster smaller, sick dogs from the SPCA and they all literally curl themselves up next to Skate- I really believe that she helps them to heal. She's completely amazing.

I love her with all of my heart and am honored to have her in my life. She's a very easy dog to have around and has made me laugh through all these years together. I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work that you do- taking unwanted dogs from shelters, teaching them, training them, loving them so that they can find their families. I can't imagine my life without Skate now. I am so grateful that you found her and took a chance on her so that I could find her and love her and give her the security, trust, and comfortable life that she deserves.

I am sending this message to recognize/celebrate the one year anniversary of the day we met and brought home the missing link to our home. You know him as "Klemmens" and we named him "Jager" ("Hunter" in German). He is a very happy, energetic, and fun dog. He has been a lot of work this past year, but worth every minute invested. He is very lovable and sweet. He has two boys that adore him very much and a cat that is still struggling to relax since his arrival. He is my shadow and I have worked with training him and socializing him. He loves going to the Dog Park and hiking and walking with me every day. He loves shopping at the local Pet Smart for his food and toys, where everyone wants to pet him and states how beautiful he is.

Thank you for choosing us to be Jager's 'furever' family. We are very grateful you chose us. Thank you very much

I just thought I would share a couple photos of Adele, the beautiful German Shepard we adopted from Circle Tail in October. She has been absolutely amazing and loves her new home, and feline brother and sister. Thank you again for helping us find such an amazing companion.

We adopted Susi in 2013. Here is a current picture of her enjoying Christmas! She is very happy in Mason, Ohio!

We wanted to give you an update on our sweet little Jazzy girl whom we adopted a year ago. She enjoys her daily walks and hikes with her fur sister and she has brought so much happiness to our household we can't imagine our lives without her!!

Here is a photo of Sunny, (fka Yelena). We adopted her on 11/1/2014. She is the best puppy ever - we love her.

Hi all!!
We wanted to send some recent pictures of Murphy. We got her on Valentines Day. Her old name was Wilkes. She just had a birthday and she is such a joy!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!

I wanted to give you an update on Zeke (formerly Zuka), whom we got just about a year ago. He has really blossomed over the past year. He has really become a very wonderful family dog. He loves to run in our fenced-in back yard, and has very excellent "manners" when my husband and son take him for a walk. We have neighbors who have 3 little boys, and when they come out to pet him, he either sits or stands very patiently while they just love on him. One time, on one of his daily walks, a little boy who lives on one of the neighboring streets ran out into the street directly at Zeke. He immediately stopped, and didn't move while the little boy just hugged him. Of course, the boy was with his father, who reminded him that he was not to do that again, but even the dad was impressed with Zeke's gentleness. He has gained some weight, and just loves to be around the family as much as he can. God bless you all for finding him, and matching him up with us.

We adopted Mae (now Angel Mae) Sept 22 2013 From Cirle Tail. The picture of her on the stainless table was in our vet's office on Sept 26, 2013. Lilly, who is 18 months old and Angel who is now 15 months are inseparable. Just thought you would like an update on this beautiful Dog.


We are the owners of Joplin who we bought from you probably around 2009. We named her Josie. She is a wonderful dog! THE BEST!!!

I really wanted a dog that was from a non-kill shelter where we could find the perfect dog for me! After searching through many adoption websites and shelters, (Petfinder.com mainly) I found Circle Tail and saw Quick on the website. I instantly fell in love with him and scheduled an appointment shortly after. I had come home with an adorable 5 month old puppy!
I adopted Quick, who I renamed Captain, about 3 months ago! He was already well trained and is continuing with his training. Captain knows his name very well and is learning to come to me when I call him. He is now 8 months old and loves to chew and play with his toys!
I emailed CT mainly because I wanted to share how Captain was doing in case anyone there was wondering, but also to tell my story of adopting Captain! It was the best day of my life!
If you are looking to adopt, I really suggest Circle Tail!

Thank you Circle Tail. Aries (now Hogan) is doing well. He is a great dog and has adapted nicely to his new home. He is super affectionate and loves to play. Photo attached - he's on the right and Ginger is my older dog.


Hi, I'm Cindy. I adopted Abilene in Oct 2013. We changed her name to Adilene. She is very loved and in puppy school. While she has a ways to go. I am hopeful she will make a great therapy dog. Very thankful for this puppy. I think she found me.

Thank you!!


In case anyone at Circle Tail is curious about how Belle is doing, I've attached a picture of her with Amelia. Since we adopted her she has gained some weight and her hair is all back in. Overall, she is a great dog and wonderful with our toddler. However, she is still a puppy! We're delighted she's in our family and thankful for Circle Tail's care.


Hi Circle Tail,

We wanted to send you some pictures of Simon! It's been a little over three months since we adopted him, and we love having him a part of our family!

Happy New Year!


Julie, Tyler, Zoey, and Simon

I wanted to say thank you for my cute little puppy Bentley aka Stanford. We have had him a little over a month, and love him so much. He is starting to get a little bigger, and my kids and husband absolutely LOVE him. Thanks again for helping me find him!
Love Bentley’s Family

Hi All at Circle Tail,
As it is the giving season,
We want to thank you again for our beautiful dog. Don't know if u remember her...she used to be called Leah on Petfinder, we named her Molly. Anyway, she is the most perfect dog for our family. Just wanted u you to know how loved she is. Thank you,
Debbie, Jack & Jake & Ben.
She LOVES to play with the boys & go to Wags dog park!

After going through a number of "adoption" programs, we found Circle Tail on-line. Though we live in Indianapolis, we wanted to find either a Labrador Retriever or a Bernese Mountain Dog, and found Zuka (now Zeke) at Circle Tail. They made adoption easy, and when we came to their facility, we met Zuka for the first time. He is a wonderful dog, and he had gone through their fostering program. He had very good manners, and although he does need some "polishing" in certain areas, he learns quickly and is eager to please. He and our other rescue, Mimi, get along well, and we are very happy to have found him.

We adopted Varba in May. We just wanted to send an update and some pictures to let you know how she is doing. She will be 5 months old in about 2 weeks, and is almost 45 lbs! We go on walks and exercise a lot so she is looking great. After 2 vet check-ups, she is up to date with her shots, and they said she is looking like a perfect puppy.
She has been a very busy girl with our recent move to Indiana in May, but she fits right in and didn't seem to have any problems. She is soooo good in the truck and loves to take rides and bite at the wind.
She has done great in our apartment as well. She knows to go to the door when she needs to potty, and loves to just sit and watch out on our balcony. We have a great area that we live in with plenty of neighborhoods to walk her in, and with plenty of other dogs and kids to be friends with.
She is very energetic, but also very loving. We are still working through her mouthing, where she just nibbles on your hands but not anything rough. She knows sit, down, shake, and high five. She gives great huge when we come home from work. She will run up and put her head on your shoulder when u kneel to greet her!

Here is the latest picture of Kudry at his new home! He is settled in and loves chasing birds and rabbits in his yard and going for walks. He is learning about his invisible fence and getting to know new friends! Other than chewing on an occasional shoe (!), he is doing very well!

Moxmox on Day 1 in his forever home, with his new friend Krystal. They are getting along quite well. They do like to chase each other around the yard, but sometimes they are quiet, and sometimes they just need to come inside to take a break. Moxmox is a little rowdy and headstrong, but that goes with being 9 months old, and in strange surroundings. He has taken to his crate, and goes in and out on his own. She is teaching him the rules, starting with, SHE is the boss.

I have owed you this update for quite some time. Attached is a pix of Lulu Parys. She is growing like a weed. I swear she's slightly bigger every day. She weighs about 25-26 lbs. She's a sweetie pie!

Good morning I adopted a dog from your shelter in September of 2011 her name was Mae she was born May 30th 2011. I am writing to update you on her. She is my best friend and we go for a two mile walk every day. And on weekends we go hiking and to the dog parks. She is very happy and I am very happy with her. She is actually no longer living on the farm that we lived on when I adopted her. She is now a city dog and living near Eden Park in Cincinnati Ohio she has adapted well to city life and gets plenty of exercise. This summer she will be going kayaking with me and lots of other fun and dog friendly activities.

Thanks so much for all the hard work that you do at Circle Tail to find shelter dogs good homes. I would like to put in a request for people who do live in apartments please allow them also a chance for adoption as not everyone lives in a home with a fenced yard but they can make a very loving home for a furry friend.

Hello Circle Tail, Just a quick update on Rocky (aka Mykola, yellow lab). He is doing wonderful! He had his Vet check this AM. Great positive report; just that he appeared younger than given birth date. He is loveable , energetic, eager to please, smart, and easy going! Such a blessing. We adore him. And Jake, our chocolate lab, has a brother! Thanks

Hi Circle Tail, We've had Radar (formerly known as Tanner) for a little over a year now and he's fit our family wonderfully! He thinks he's one of the people here and makes us laugh a lot. It's been fun to have a dog who loves to play with toys so much and will do anything for a belly rub!

Thanks so much for all of your work with us last year.

We just wanted to give you all an update on Skipper, he has settled in perfectly! He was such a blessing for my mom who is in a wheelchair and also my dad who is newly retired, they have become buddies, Skipper and the cat have become buddies too. Skipper is a great companion and company for my mom, she has grown so close to him, he loves to fetch his ball or stuffed armadillo toy when she throws it for him, he loves taking rides in my dads truck and is getting familiar with exploring the woods and river when my dad takes him. We were so impressed with what and incredible job the men in the inmate program did with skipper, he is so well trained and behaved, we think he is just perfect! We are looking forward to this warm weather so we can take him on more walks and check out some parks with him. Again thank you everyone who had a role in skippers adoption!

Hello Circle Tail,

We are both doing great! I actually renamed him Chester since he really didn't respond to Sheldon yet, and he is now starting to recognize his name. He is doing very well on his potty training, and has only had a couple accidents inside. He does very good when I am sleeping and does not fuss when I put him in the cage for the night.

He is an instant addition to my family! He loves everyone and gets along great with other dogs, unless they bark at him..

Our family went through the adoption process last August with Kukoss. Here is her picture.

She is an absolute joy and a great addition to our family.

Thank you

I promise I won't email you every day for the next two weeks with updates, but I wanted to let you know that Rocco is settling in here fairly well! He whimpered a little the first night when he went into his kennel but hasn't since. Likewise, when I left for work this morning he cried for a few minutes but was fine -- although I'm going to have to find some more durable chew toys to keep him occupied. We've had no house breaking issues and his shedding isn't bad so far. He doesn't bark when the neighbors are noisy either, so all the typical issues of dogs in apartments are under control.

Thanks for coordinating this match! I really think it’s going to work out; I just need to follow through with his training and learn to live with a little more hair!

Thank you for taking such good care of me until my forever family came to get me! I have a warm house and bed, and a little girl who plays with me all the time and loves me very much...even my new doctor says I am perfect and very special! Loving my new life!


P.S. A note from Semra's family: We have only had Semra for a few days and can't imagine being without her. She is such a good girl and is a very important part of our family. Please let all of her handler's know that she is loved and that we appreciate all that was done for her.

We wanted to send you a picture of Clancy, who was adopted by us on Mother's Day, 2011. He has wormed his way into every nook and cranny of our hearts, and you can tell by his "pained" expression that he's suffering horribly...NOT!!

He and his big sister get along great, and we're very pleased we found Circle Tail.

I adopted Milo (formerly Tierney) in June. He fit right in from the first day he came home with me. He loves to swim in the pool or play in the snow depending on the weather. He loves to play fetch with the ball or the Frisbee. He loves to chew his bone or his own feet! He loves to chase his tail or me around the house. Milo is always a happy dog. He looks cute sleeping on his back. Sometimes I think he misses his old prison cell because he loves laying under the table and chairs so it looks like he is behind bars!! Thank you Circle Tail!!

Dorsey (adopted as Gracie in 2010) loves stuffed animals. This is Dorsey with her Grinch! I don't know if you can share with her pervious handler, but if you can, I would appreciate that too. Must be hard for them to give up their dogs!

Here are some 1st pics of Rafiki (previously, Arkins) at home with our Family!

He’s doing great! Thanks for all you do (and have done) to bring Rafiki (and previously, Smokey) into our family.

We adopted a white german shepherd named Li from Circle Tail about 2 1/2 years ago. She is now named Molly and is doing wonderful. Truly my best friend and sidekick. She now has a younger "brother," a Rottweiler named Turner; they absolutely adore each other.

I attached a couple pictures so you can see what she's up to (with brother Rottie and my friend's Pointer).

Thank you so much for all you do at Circle Tail. I am forever grateful that you guys saved Molly from the shelter and connected her with me!

We wanted to let you know that Sasha has been a PERFECT addition to our family!! She is just the best dog ever and very loved. It was as if we were waiting for each other as she has acclimated easily:) Our two boys are her new pups. We can't imagine not having her now that she is with us, thank you so much for your wonderful organization!

Not a beginning but a happy life. Moon adopted at 1½ , doing great, running two miles, happy dog on his 8th birthday.

I just got your newsletter and it sparked me to send a note to THANK YOU for allowing us to adopt Phineas (aka Fabio) last year on 12/8 which was his 1st birthday. We have had him just over a year now and I can’t begin to tell you the joy he has brought to our family.

He is the kindest, most gentle dog and our kids just adore him. We hope to someday add to the pet family – and when we do, we will come to Circle Tail. Merry Christmas to you all and we are soooo thankful to you and the work you do.

Just wanted to check in and let you know all is well with Makula -- he is doing great!! He had his checkup at the vet last week, and the doctor declared him "perfect." Our vet also happens to be a good family friend, and says he can't wait to dog sit for us!

The boys are in love, as you can see from this photo. Makula walks them to the school bus in the morning and wonders why he can't get on and go to school, too! We've been doing lots of walking and he is really learning our family routines. He's just a fantastic pup.

Wanted to let you know everything is great. I expect it's going to be a very merry Christmas around here.

Kaitlin Bledsoe Photography

Fairmont Pittsburgh is pleased to announce the appointment of Edie, a white Boxer/Labrador Retriever mix, as the hotel’s official Canine Ambassador. Edie provides guests with a warm welcome in the lobby and is readily available to accompany them on walks around the hotel. Edie was born in March 2010, the same month that Fairmont Pittsburgh opened its doors. She
began training in the assistant dog program at Circle Tail, Inc. in Pleasant Plain, Ohio as a puppy. After completing over a year of training, Edie’s friendly and outgoing personality proved to be better suited to the hospitality industry where she gets to meet new people every day.

At work five days a week, Edie is stationed in the lobby where she relaxes on her cozy bed near the concierge desk. Just like all colleagues at Fairmont Pittsburgh, Edie wears a nametag, keeps an appointment book and even has her own email address so that guests can keep in touch. Edie is looking forward to hosting her own events at the hotel with other canine companions and getting involved in the community at schools, nursing homes and local events. At the end of the day, Edie heads home with Julie Abramovic, public relations manager.

Fairmont Pittsburgh is a pet-friendly hotel. Located at 510 Market Street, Fairmont Pittsburgh is situated in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh For more information, visit www.fairmont.com/pittsburgh.

Maddy was adopted from you 3 1/2 years ago...she and her sister were the surviving two girls out of a litter of 6...the 4 boys all died of Parvo. I don't remember what her name was when she was with you, sorry. My husband wanted to be able to post her picture there as one of your very loved adoptees :)!

I couldnt help but take the time to send you a quick email. I can't believe our sweet puppy is a year old now. We made arrangements to meet Kimberly last October, and came home with the dearest little girl. Chloe, aka Trumpka, is now 65 lbs, and is happy, healthy, affectionate, smart, and a lover. Thank you so much for matching us up!

My family added a brand new addition to our family May 12 of this year. Her name is Alyia. We decided to keep her name but we gave her the middle name Grace because she is not exactly the most graceful of dogs! Alyia is a bundle full of energy and always wants to play with our 9 year old golden retriever, Alex (Xander). She has settled in nicely in our home and has quickly stolen our hearts! Thank you so much!

Here are some pictures of our new pup Boomer (previously Soni)!

Hello! I wanted to provide you with an update on Sergey. Everyone is doing well and settling in nicely. The kids have decided to name him Comet. I know he has a brother Comet which is where they got the idea. They also go to Mason Schools which is the Mason Comets so it’s fitting.

He is a great dog and we couldn’t be more pleased. He is a great addition to our family.

Hey, I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Rinck, who now goes by Joey. He's doing great! And we love having him. He plays well with ALL dogs and does not want to stop, has done pretty well with the kids he's met, etc. So he's just lovin life! Thanks so much!

We adopted Charlotte, a beagle/spaniel mix, from you last June, and we just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks and let you know what an amazing addition she has been to our family. We lost our beloved dog a few months prior to getting Charlotte, and our kids were begging for another, but we kept saying it had to be the right dog for us, and we had to be the right people for it. Well, then came Charlotte. She brought that special love, energy and goofiness only a great dog can provide back to our house! Our three kids literally can’t stop loving on her all day long. She was very timid and submissive when we met her; she rolled on her back every chance she could. She was also afraid of men and trucks. Today, she’s a lot more confident, and she loves to chase the FedEx truck past our house every day—though she still has a problem with men wearing hats and sunglasses! We have recommended Circle Tail to anyone looking for a dog every chance we get. Thanks for all the great work you all do, and thanks again for helping us find such a great addition to our family!

Hello Everyone at Circle Tail! It's been a little more than two years since we adopted Lydia. She is the most wonderful dog, very smart and loving. She brings so much joy to our lives. She loves playing ball, and cooling off in her very own puppy pool. Circle Tail was wonderful to work with when we adopted Lydia, we never hesitate to recommend your to any one who asks. Thank you for helping us find such a wonderful dog!

Louie, Derby & Blizzard

I adopted Louie (formerly Halstor/Story) from Circle Tail in April of this year. Tracy from Circle Tail was great throughout the adoption process. Derby, my older rescue sheltie, loves his new little brother. They play together all the time. Louie is a little shy so having Derby around to show him the ropes is really helpful. Louie gets along with my 2 cats and plays with them too. He is a wonderful addition to our family. I wasn't sure I could handle a "puppy" again but as Tracy told me, he isn't a typical puppy! Thank you Tracy and Circle Tail.

It has been 3 years now since I have adopted Zach…he is the “King”…he loves to relax with the other rescues…

He is the sweetest boy ever and thanks to you all for letting him “adopt” me!

Best buds...Kik (formerly Nobel) and Romeo

It's been a little over a year since I adopted Rima from Circle Tail and I have to say that the experience has been better than I could have imagined. Rima was cautious and reserved and a bit timid when she first arrived, examining every inch of her new home before relaxing. She quickly found a basket full of dog toys and helped herself to her favorite toy, a tennis ball. Rima is definitely a working dog and seems happiest when given a job to do. So I fixed up an old wagon with a hitch and she now helps me to take the trash to the curb which is about 1/4 mile away. Without hardly any coaxing at all, she walks up to the wagon and stands still while I hitch her up. She stays patiently while I load or unload, too. She seems to enjoy it so much that we sometimes make a few trips to get the neighbor's trash cans as well. She was one of a few lucky dogs who were chosen by Susan Gertz of Dog Patch Pix to pose for shots to promote Circle Tail at an art open house this past winter. I am very fortunate to have her in my life.

It's been almost 4 months since we adopted Valencia (Aames) and we just wanted to send you a picture to show how much she's grown! As the weather has warmed up, she's turned into quite the outdoor pup. She absolutely loves bird watching and just relaxing in the shade. She's still quite the ball of energy but we are starting to see her mature in so many ways! She still has that mischievous streak that you warned us about but honestly I've grown quite fond of it since it gives her character!

Thanks again for pairing her with us!

I thought you’d like to know that Rennie, now Maple, was chosen as the 2012 Clermont County Poster Pooch. We submitted a picture & short narrative about her & she was chosen from about 100 other dogs! We knew we were in the top 3 and went to the Eastgate Petsmart on 3/3 for the award ceremony. We were very excited. She is such a sweet dog. Thanks for all your work with the dogs!

I adopted Kamia at least six years ago in July. She's been the best, a true friend since the day she came home and a central part of my life. Her name has since been shortened to Mia, and she lives with me in Austin Texas. She is happy and healthy and a swimming fool! Here is a picture...I figure you all are always happy to hear a success story.

Here's a pic of Petey (previously Moore) with his friend Mack. Again thanks for such a great puppy and all that you guys do.

My family loves Crosley. Although we have changed his name, my daughter decided that we must keep his former name as his middle name - Crosley "Deemer". He is a fantastic dog. We have had him for six months. He has a great disposition, well trained, and lots of energy. Many people compliment us on his manners, often going on how he listens for such a "Big Dog". We are very grateful to Circle Tail and the prison program for his training. We were matched very well!

It's hard to believe she has been here a year! She is a funny girl. Her nick-name is "Queen Sophine," because she doesn't exactly have much of a Work Ethic. She loves to lay in the Bay Window that overlooks the backyard, in the sunshine, and then bark at the squirrels and the rabbits. She lets our other dog, Pennie, actually do the hunting of rodent intruders. Sophie gets along great with Pennie and the human children, accepting attention from all who wish to honor her.

We adopted Delmar over the summer and brought him home to live with our family, which includes an 8 year old boxer. He is like a bull in a china shop; big, goofy, always knocking things over, and ‘hopping’ like a rabbit! However, he is the funniest, most loveable, smartest dog we’ve ever had! He catches on to every new ‘trick’ with amazing speed, and even learned how to open doors on his own! His latest trick is being able to ‘high five’ us with both paws. At 80 lbs., he still likes to sit in our lap and lay on us to sleep! Though a little crazy, he’s still an awesome dog and attracts attention everywhere we go.

I just wanted to send thanks to the Circle Tail organization for the wonderful service you provide... matching well-trained dogs with those who truly want a well-behaved dog in their homes. You certainly have done that for us. "Tansie" is a treasure! Please convey our thanks to her "trainer". I knew that I wasn't up to the house-breaking, etc that goes along with getting a new puppy but I also knew I had to have "another heartbeat" in the house. She has transitioned quite well into our home and we promise to be the good and loving owners she deserves. Thanks again. We really appreciate it.

It’s been about 6 weeks now that we adopted Maple (formerly Rennie). She warmed up almost immediately and is such a sweet and mellow girl. She likes our other dog, Avery, and we are very happy that she could really care less about our cats! She likes to be around us all the time, following us room to room to keep close. She is a good walker and loves to be outside. Thanks for the opportunity to adopt Maple – we all love her.

I adopted Mae from your agency back in September. She is very spoiled and I love her dearly. She has a great home on a 150 acre farm. My sister and her boyfriend live on the same property and have a Australian Shepherd that she goes on hikes with. Thanks for all the work that you do with animals. Happy Holidays
Hi guys I just wanted to say hi and tell you how much fun I'm having with Nick and Lora in Minnesota. I'm so happy. I hope everyone is doing well.

Love you guys,

Harley :)

Zao is an amazing puppy and he has brought so much joy to our house in just one week. The neighbors like him and he plays very well with Wyatt and his friends. He especially loves Wyatt.

Here is a pic I took at the Pool Plunge over the weekend. Can't beleave it has been 18 months since we brought him home. Best thing that has happened in a long time.
Some of the past Circle Tail adopters (who adopted Abby pups) and I met yesterday at a dog park for a get together. Here is a picture....from left we have Claire (Bliss), proud Mama Abby and McKinley (Carson).
Navi is doing great.He's still a goof ball, but is so sweet. This morning, for instance, he woke up early with me. His "brother", Ivan, always stays in the bedroom until the last person is awake (my husband). But Navi follows me around whenever I move or wherever I go. ~ So I let him outside, right? He barked a couple times after a few minutes, so I went to the back door to let him in. He wasn't AT the door. Instead, he was on the bench of our newly painted deck strattling pots of flowers that looked (notice the past tense) so pretty. I could see that he was confused as to how he was going to jump down without knocking everything over. His paws were placed between small spaces between the flower pots. Well, yes, he managed to jump down, but of course, he knocked a pot and its dirt all over the place. But there's never guilt with Navi. He came running to me with a big ol' smile on his face. He IS funny. Recently he and Ivan went on a vacation with us ... which was the first time we rented a cabin with them. They LOVED hiking in the woods with us. We only had a small problem. The cabin we rented had a spiral staircase to the 2nd floor where the bedroom was. I tried to tell both dogs to stay downstairs because it was too steep and dangerous for them to come upstairs. As usual Ivan understood. And Navi, well ... Navi still does what Navi wants to do. I know. He wanted to be near us. Afterall, both dogs are used to sleeping in our bedroom at home. Navi came upstairs 3 times! It scared US, and he was terrified too, because there were no spindals between the handrail and the steps, AND there wasn't much space for Navi's big paws to feel secure! (not a good thing. we won't stay there ever again.) Each time Rick and I had to help that big scared furry body back to the first floor. Finally WE got smart and blocked the staircase. All was well after that.
Here is a picture of Violet for you all. As you can see she thinks she is little. The lap is her favorite place to be, her level of cute-osity is OFF the charts, she talks in the morning and tells us what she thinks. My lord.... we love this dog!