Assistance Dog / Partner Profiles

2010 - 2007


Gerria & Mario
Gerria and Hearing Dog Mario

Gerria was partnered with Black Lab Mario in September 2010. She writes, “Mario is my hearing partner and has become very special to me, in the brief three months we have been together. Due to my past career as a firefighter and paramedic, I have significant hearing loss. The hearing loss has affected me in ways you cannot even imagine. I have 5 grandchildren and a school full of EMT, paramedic, and other medical related students who need my attention, sometimes very quickly. Mario is quick to tap me very softly on my leg to let me know someone is calling my name, which is very important in my business. Mario also retrieves items I drop because I cannot hear it when the item falls to the ground. This can mean losing my car keys, medical equipment, money, or important paperwork, just to mention a few items. Mario has quickly adjusted to Asbury College, our students at Emergency Medical Training Professionals LLC, grandchildren, and life on the run in Kentucky! Mario is so great at his job most people never know he is around, except for a recent trip to Washington DC. While at Ruby Tuesday’s on our way to DC from Kentucky, Mario like the good assistance dog he is quickly went ‘under’ the table and settled in while I enjoyed my dinner with my friend Mary Pat. We were remarking on how no one had noticed Mario under the table even though he is such a large dog, but the last laugh was to be on us. After paying the check I said to Mario let’s go hurry (the command Circle Tail uses for potty), and Mario must have really needed to ‘hurry’ – a large glass of ice water that I had left on the edge of the table went flying everywhere. Needless to say everyone noticed the lady who knocked over the water (and who had the pretty black lab)! Mario, it must be nice to be such a handsome fellow with a nice orange service vest with Circle Tail on it. Now about that blonde lady with you… Thank you Marlys and Circle Tail; my life is forever changed not only with Mario in it, but with the friends I have made at Circle Tail. What a blessing you are!"


Picture of Barb and Pierre
Barb and Hearing/Service dog Pierre

Pierre is a 3 yr old yellow lab donated by Barb and Norris Stinehelfer, WhiteWing Valley Labradors. Barb’s first hearing/service dog, Vickie, retired earlier this spring and Pierre stepped in to fill her paws. Pierre alerts Barb to various sounds in the environment (and a few she doesn’t need to know about) and loves to retrieve items for her. Barb says, "We live in an area where assistance dogs are uncommon and Pierre has been a great ambassador for assistance dog teams. His goofy smile and big heart make him a hit wherever we go. His ability to retrieve and alert for me always wows people."
Abigail and Gainer
Abigail, and Service Dog, Gainer

Gainer is a 2 yr old Golden Retriever donated by a breeder. Gainer helps Abigail with retrieving items and notifying others when she has a medical emergency. He provides comfort and security wherever they go.
Picture of Jackie and Pike
Jackie, and Service Dog, Pike

Pike is a two year old Golden Retriever donated by a breeder. Jackie tells us, "Pike is learning to be such a help for me. He is learning to turn off the alarm clock, get me medicine, and wake me up. He is also learning to block me, so after I have a seizure he won't allow me to go through a doorway or go down stairs without me giving him a command. This summer Pike will learn to alert me when he smells a smell that could trigger a seizure. The best part is Pike makes me feel safe after I have had a seizure. I really appreciate having Pike around."
Picture of Ron and assistance dog Zeph
Ron, and Service Dog, Zeph

Zephyr, “Zeph”, is 2-year-old Black Lab who was donated by a breeder as a pup. He received training at several of the correctional facilities and in a foster family. He was partnered with Ron in October 2009. Ron is a resident of Blanchester and a Veteran who served as a Corporal in the Marines. His first Service Dog passed away due to old age in July.
Picture of Angela and Yen
Angela, and Service Dog, Yen

Yen is a 3 yr old Border Collie mix donated by the Humane Society of Clark County. Yen helps Angela with her panic attacks. Angela writes, “I’d like to share the incredible impact Yen has had in my life so far. Yen and I have been in the bonding phase for many weeks now. This bonding phase is the most fun I have had in a long time. We are currently learning about each other and building activities we both enjoy. I live with constant fear because of my panic attacks. Yen is trained to prevent the cause that triggers the panic attacks. He feels the panic attack before I do and allows me to begin the steps to ease it. This is an amazing gift."


Michelle and Hearing Dog, Tyson

Tyson, born around in November 2005, is Golden Retriever who came from a family who could no longer care for him. Tyson received his training at London and Marysville Correctional Facility and through our Foster Family Program. He was partnered with Michelle in March 2007. He is now enjoying life as a working man -- being the "ears" for his new partner. He alerts her to sounds around the house, people calling her name at work or things happening when they are out. Since he loves to retrieve, he is also helping out if she drops something. Tyson is always ready for action!!! In his free time, he loves to play with his ball and make it go squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.....


(Also partnered this year was 1 facility dog and 5 in-home service dogs.)
Jane and Hearing Dog, Sita

Sita, born around in November 2004, is Yellow Lab mix who came from Clark County Shelter. With her gentle spirit and willingness to work, anyone who met her fell in love with her and saw her as a working girl one day. Sita received her training at Marysville and London Correctional Facility and through our Foster Family Program. She was partnered with Jane in October 2007. Sita helps Jane by alerting him to the sounds at work and home. She also loves to help the kids Jane counsels by lending a ear and paw. In their free time, she loves to run in the field and chew on her bones.
Juanita and Hearing Dog, Hinkle

Hinkle, born in April, 2006, is a Shih Tzu who was given up by a family who could no longer care for him. He has a great personality for the job -- loves to work and very laid back about everyone and everything else. He received most of his training at Marysville Correctional Institute and got into the public life by living in one of our foster families homes. He loves to alert Juanita to all the sounds of her home -- she has never felt so relieved with a helping hand (or paw!). In their free time, he loves to play with his toys and get his belly rubbed.

Ray and Hearing Dog, Tristen
Recipient of a Assistance Dog team scholarship!

Tristen, born in August 2004, is Sheltie who was donated when she was 8 months old by a family. We saw that Tristen had the personality for assistance work the minute her paws landed at our facility. Tristen received her training at Marysville and Ross Correctional Facility and through our Foster Family Program. She was partnered with Ray in April 2007. Tristen helps Ray by alerting him to sounds and retrieving dropped items. In her free time, she loves to play fetch with her best buddy, Ray!

Mary and Service Dog, Haven
Recipient of a Assistance Dog team scholarship!

Haven, a Golden Retriever, was born in October, 2004. He was donated by a breeder when he was a pup. Haven was educated in service dog work at Ross and London Correctional Facilities. He also rotated into foster homes where he practiced his manners in a variety of public places. Haven loves to chew on nylabones and play fetch. Mary became the lucky recipient of Haven in in January 2007. Haven loves to help Mary with tasks around the house such as putting laundry in the washer and retrieving her slippers.
Bob and Service Dog, Miser

Miser, born around Fall, 2005, is a Chocolate Lab who came from ARF. Miser received his training at London Correctional Facility and through our Foster Family Program. He was partnered with Bob in December 2007.

He loves to work. He is always ready to spring into action to help Bob whether it be to open/ close doors/ drawers, retrieve the remote, nudge his arm back onto the wheelchair's joystick or get help. Miser is Bob's second service dog. His first, Zena, a Rottweiller/ Hound mix, retired in the fall of 2007 to his parent's home where they can still see one another. To ease the transition and make sure it was a match, Bob fostered Miser in the beginning and made him official at Christmas time. He is now bonding with Miser and starting to enjoy his unique personality. In their down time, they enjoy going bowling and riding on the local bike trail together.







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