Thank Our Naming Sponsors

We Thank These Generous Sponsors

Gym Sponsors

  • In Memory of Ann Griffin

Training Room Sponsors

  • In Memory of Carol Goepper

Bathroom (WC)

    Jen Kiblinger (spared a square)

Food Prep Room

  • Tracy Desch

Kennel Run Sponsors

  • John Brauss
  • Karen & Marc Bray
  • Michael & Janet Clem
  • Angie Del Greco
  • Tracy Desch
  • Ellen Dryer
  • Brenda Dunlap McHenry & Ron McHenry
  • French Family
  • Kathy & John Graves, In memory of Nova Kiblinger
  • Jen Kiblinger, In memory of Daisy & Emma¬†
  • Michael & Leslie Kreines
  • Nancy Jones & Dick Sippel
  • Joan Staley
  • Marlys Staley
  • Gena Stonefield
  • Amanda, Kimberly & Kevin Wallick¬†

And thank you to Guy C. Guckenberger, Jr. (and his helper) for installing wireless Internet in the Living & Learning Center.

More on Naming Opportunities: HERE.

If you would like to donate and have your name on our new facility, please email or call 513.877.3325.

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