Make a Memorial Donation

Make a donation to Circle Tail in memory of a loved one or a beloved pet. Here is an on-line form you can use.

Provide a "Team Starter Tote"

Circle Tail strives to help each Assistance Dog/ Partner team get started out on the right paw. We would like to provide to each team partnered with an assistance dog a "Team Starter Tote" which would include start-up supplies such as a collar with ID tag, leash, toy, assistance dog vest or harness, some grooming supplies, 6 months worth of heartworm and flea/tick control medication, 1 month supply of food, membership in the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners and more. These totes cost Circle Tail approximately $350. Donations to cover one or more of these totes would enable more recipients to begin their new assistance dog partnership with less financial worries. Please use the this on-line form, check the dedication option and provide Team Starter Tote in the Tribute Name.

Support our Foster Puppy/Inmate Program

We also have a Foster Puppy/Inmate program which pairs a puppy with an inmate in a correctional facility. Donations to the Foster Puppy/Inmate program can be made using the following on-line form, check the dedication option and complete the Tribute Name with Foster Puppy/Inmate program.

Make a General Donation